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About my work

I have always made ‘things’, even as a little girl.  I  am a qualified Interior Designer, so creativity is definitely in my blood.  

I love light, colour and form, so glass was a natural path for me to explore. I adore the wonderful properties it has in relation to light and colour. I happened upon flame working while surfing the Internet and was fascinated. I read all I could find on it, took a class to make sure it was all that I thought it would be and I haven't looked back.

Each bead I make is unique and formed from the finest Murano glass from Italy, with specialist glasses from the USA. I use the bead as a canvass to draw pictures while in the flame, utilising its fluidity to create loose watercolour or graphic style images.  I also enjoy playing with the fluid nature of molten glass by creating hollow forms in varying organic shapes.  My passion is to create and experiment.  I seldom sit at my torch with a firm plan of what I am going to do.  I let the glass and the moment lead me in my creation.

I also make bespoke bails and metal elements for my glass work.

I hope you like my work and enjoy browsing my site. Any feedback or questions are welcomed. Thanks for reading!